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Friday, March 26, 2010

Allow me to live with you all!. - Girl Child

It was disheartening, when my ears burnt while tuning Aaj Tak news Channel yesterday…..A girl child was left abandoned by her parents in a fire of jungle. Bad kismet!. I should say it’s height of man slaughter.

Thanks to news channels which could broadcast such event for public notice.

This gives impression, such events keep happening in our country daily. There are no boundaries of such educated or uneducated man slaughter, be it be urban or rural, both involved. It’s difficult to catch hold of all such unfortunate incidents due to vast geographical spread of the country.

The good news in this case was her divine intervention to fall into the hand of a SAVER. Yes, the girl is safe and under treatment. However, the fact, which remains same and continues -- she is another unfortunate PRINCESS / LAKSHMI deprived of her parents and charming childhood & ecstasy.

No news on whereabouts of her mother. She must be feeling blameworthy being women herself but perhaps extinguished a much awaited horrifying life in the corridor of her domicile, for giving a birth to a girl child.

I really feel unwholesome to find the reasons of such fateful events and imbibe to write in my Blog.

But its certain, those categories of man slaughter are suffering from a MALIGNANT disease – “Burden of Girl Child”. They think unworthy in upbringing girl child who will go away one day after marriage. They think of hefty sum towards dowry during marriage, their generation would not progress if boy child is not born etc etc.

There are many articles and Blog available in sites which can be searched in Google to know the reason, number of girl child missing and arguments against such reports.

I am grief-stricken to make a straightforward attempt to write another paragraph of “Allow me to live with you all!.

It’s very unfortunate to think -- our nations feel so pride on the developments it has made over the years, since independence – growth in economy, Tech advancement, modernization, improved infrastructure, diversification and liberalization in various fields – but authority really fell short in their attempts to stamp out these unfortunate occurrences and eradicate “Fear of having girl child” from the mindset of such people.

Instead of relying upon the sleeping government we the public, NGOs should give a continuous efforts to try and educate, assure, convince such sick people -- Girl child are no longer burden. Given them to exercise their right in their chosen areas they are equally capable of doing wonders. Even far ahead of boys. There are many living examples in many fields where females have extraordinary achievements and became pride of their parents and country.

Even if extraordinary females are not taken as inspiring examples, there are many living examples in many household where ordinary girls are going great guns and also defend their families.

Spread the above message across length and breathe of the country. Little attempt from our end may help exterminate such events completely.



Sunday, March 21, 2010

Allow me to live with you all!.

Its God’s blessing, that I am in this beautiful world, to be around all amazing creatures of Him.

The magnificent planet of the universe, decorated with majestic nature, enveloped with wonderful atmosphere and presence of His best creature – Human Mankind (You). It’s bliss for me! I thank God for bringing me in this world to witness his creation and enjoy.

Me? I am like you with some distinction. Nup! I have life in me with all senses similar to you. I can read, feel, hear, see, smell, taste, touch, eat, drink, walk, run, sleep like you do.

You have given me a special stature always. Thanks – I am portrait, often captured and shown in wall papers, posters, books. You all write about me, create documentaries on my lifestyle and activities. My voice has a special effect which people mimic. Kids, elders all love me, my physic, eyes, colors, complexion etc.

I do stage show for you as well. I am a complete entertainer and given a status of national symbol, which gives me a special feel of Celebrity!!

Being Non Vegetarian, people keep distance from me. Obeying HIS order I seldom disturb or touch you!

The saddest part of the life is -- we were a bigger community once upon a time in this country. Our population is decreasing day by day.

We keep on losing our near and dear ones often.We cry for our family members and try to save each other….but to no avail. No…… it’s not due to sickness or any epidemic or pandemic. We are brutally murdered.

I want to insinuate why? -- Don’t you want us anymore even being a National symbol? Don’t you want to entertain you as always?

We wish to entertain and stay together in this country like we did centuries after centuries. It’s our right given by Him!! Please do not take it away.

I allure, I urge, please ask those few people of this country and plea to leave us alone.

Frm….INDIAN TIGERS..…..We are just 1400 odd left, nearing to extinction!!

Please think about It –If we don’t act now, we shall lose our National Animal and have to live with PAPER tigers. You will have to travel miles over the borders to have a glimpse of our National animal in some other country! This would be the saddest part if it all happens.

Let’s all be together expressing our solidarity and save this special creature of GOD from extinction. Leave them alone! Leave them alone in their specified places.